American Constitution

We the People of the Crooked Sails, introduce the Shotgun Shell inspired by our great American Constitution. Ideal for your Independence Day celebration, or really any day of the week you proudly want to celebrate what it means to be American.

The Shotgun Shell is a game changer made for a legendary beer drinking experience.Puncture the perfect hole in beer cans for a fast beer chug. Eliminate dirty keys, messy beer spray, and sharp edges. Slide your beer in, press to puncture, rock the lever out of the can, and chug your way to an epic time. It's fast and simple. The hole comes out the perfect size with no rough edges. Load and unload cans in fast progression. Shotgun beer like a pro-- it's just the best damn beer shotgun tool ever made.Graduate to the next level in pre-gaming, tailgating, and great American partying. The Shotgun Shell puts other beer shotgun tools to shame. We are Crooked Sails. Livin' off course and crackin' cold ones for freedom and America is our way of life.Committed to Made in the USA.

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